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Light embraces the darkness - Ellen Copray

I AM Series Vol.1: Destruction/Consciousness (Released 18 June 2014):

Album description: 

Destruction spawns Consciousness, Consciousness spawns Destruction when attuned to and focused on The Higher Self via the Center of Universal Love. 

This is the essence of The Spiritual Warrior wielding The Sword of Universal Love and Justice. 

Produced, mixed and mastered by 33 Tetragammon. 

Thanks to one of my soulmates called Apollonius for lending me his fresh ears during mixing and mastering! 

Thanks to the amazing Ellen Copray for being so kind to let me use one of her amazing paintings as artwork for this album. It is called 'Light embraces the darkness'. 

Link to her Facebook page: 

Tools used to create this album: 

all that resonated with me and provided me with the most fluid and fun way to channel the creative energy flowing through me. 

The rest are details that have no meaning whatsoever……

This album is one continuous long soundscape and it is recommended to EXPERIENCE this music in a passive state (sleeping, meditation, whatever) rather than 'mere listening' to get the most out of it, preferably at a low volume at night in nature on high quality speakers/headphones.

Right-click to download. The file is 666.4 Mb, 16 bit/44.1 khz CD file.

I’d love to hear about your experiences…..

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